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Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Cleat Set


Multi-directional release replacement cleats for road and Mt. biking shoes, compatible with standard Shimano SPD pedals. Multi release cleats offer the minimum spring resistance available, ideal for those who are concerned about not being able to easily unclip from the pedals. The SM-SH56 will release by twisting your heel in...
Shimano SM-SH11 SPD SL Cleat


Replacement cleats for Shimano SPD-SL pedals Includes two cleats and all installation hardware Black/Yellow floating cleat with 6 degrees of float
Look Keo Grip Cleats - Red


-Slip resistant -Large support area -Position memory -3 variations of cleat float (0°/ 4,5° / 9°)
Look Delta Cleat


Look Delta Road Cleats These Look replacement cleats feature a large, stable platform, which helps to reduce hot spots and pressure points. Red cleats allow for 9° of float in all non Free Arc pedals, and can adjust from 0, to 3, 6, or 9° on all Free Arc pedals...

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