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XLAB Gorilla 10 Carbon Cage


XLAB Gorilla 10 Cage World's #1 selling rear cage 6 gripping fingers clasp onto bottles with 7 lbs of grip force Tall sides support large bottles so they don't eject Easy bottle insertion with specially designed interior No more lost bottle when you choose the Gorilla Cage! Features and Benefits ...
XLAB Mini Wing 105


Low cost dual bottle carrier with NEW Italian-made cages. Featuring 60% more cage grip force than original model! Ideal for first-time rear hydration system buyers Ergonomically designed so you can easily access the bottle even with limited flexibility No trouble getting on and off the bike. The low mounting position...
XLab Stealth Pocket 500C


Stealth Pocket 500c Sleek, element-deflecting material withstands wear, perspiration and electrolyte drinks   Top tube storage mounts to top tube bosses. Optimized for superbikes with cables in top tube Sleek, element-deflecting material stands tough against perspiration and electrolyte drinks Stay stocked for the ride: Storage comfortably fits up to 6...
XLAB Chimp Cage carbon


XLAB Chimp Cage Features and Benefits Quite often Triathlon framesets have smaller frame triangles and shorter head tubes in an effort to make the frames more aerodynamic. This results in having to pull the water bottle somewhat sideways in order to get it out of the bottle cage. Most current...
XLAB Superwing


XLAB Super Wing Introduction XLAB Hydration and Repair carriers have often been copied, but like any copy, it is never as good as the original. With over a decade of experience designing these carriers and winning more Ironman Distance World Championships than all our competitors combined, we have launched the...
XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer


Put bottle cages exactly where you want them. Features and Benefits Versatile Mounting Adjust cage position on your frame, aerobar hydration system or rear hydration system to fit your needs. Completely Adjustable Use the AERO CAGE OPTIMIZER to adjust your cage up, down, forward or backwards up to 1.75" Includes ...
XLAB Aero Pouch 300


Tidy repair storage wraps around your rear system’s bottle cage Fast storage with CFD-proven aerodynamics Clincher: Fits tube, CO2s, inflator, tire levers, multi-tool & patches Tubular – Fits most inflating foam sealants Compatible with XLAB metal single rear systems Single rear systems are very popular these days, but the one...
XLab Sonic Nut


XLab Sonic Nut An excellent way to hold your Xlab CO2 cartridges and Xlab Nanoflator or Speed Chuck. Attaches to the rear of the Xlab Sonic Wing and Turbo Wing systems. Makes inflating tires a snap during training rides or out on the race course. Holds up to two Xlab...
XLAB Bike Shuttle Rolling Stand


Clunky, static stands are history! Easily roll bike outside for washing or lubricating. Holds bike upright for ease of making adjustments, adding accessories or packing your bike bag. Unique Design Prevents Bike Damage No more leaning bike against walls that scrape your expensive saddle Allows bike to roll while keeping...
Xlab Torpedo Refresh Kit


(1) TORPEDO Versa Breather Valve (2) TORPEDO Refill Lids: Clear Solid and Black Slotted (1) TORPEDO Straw Plug TORPEDO Clear Straw / Drink Valve
XLAB Gear Box Kit (No CO2 cartridges)


GEAR BOX KIT (no CO2 cartridges) Anti-Launch Finish Perfect fit in XLAB Gorilla and Chimp cages. Fits most other cages. Ideal for use in both rear and frame mounted cages Rattle-Free Ride Sound-proof inner padding maintains a noiseless ride Split into two compartments: Use one side for repair kit, and other side for a...
XLab Delta Wing 105


Low cost single bottle carrier with NEW Italian-made cage. Featuring 60% more cage grip force than original model! Ideal for first-time rear hydration system buyers Ergonomically designed so you can easily access the bottle even with limited flexibility No trouble getting on and off the bike. The low mounting position...
XLAB Torpedo Kompact 125


All Inclusive System Comes with everything you need – mounting plate, GARMIN-specific computer mount, cage – and XLAB Aqua-Shot water bottle No-Fuss Installation Torpedo Kompact 100 comes fully assembled No Zip-ties, rubberbands or need to concoct your own mounting solution required – simply click-on-and-Velcro-down Clean, ‘snap on’ XLAB SecureClick™ brackets...
Mezzo Seat Bag


Perfect size repair bag to hold your tire & inflation accessories. Small items won't get lost with an extra zip pocket. Tough nylon material ensures your repair kit stays safe. Long straps wrap around wide aero seat posts. Use the bag by itself or attach on a dual carrier. Have you been using electrical...
XLab Delta Wing 200


Carry your spare bottle the aero way, tucked behind you Complete single bottle hydration system Tight gripping GORILLA CAGE keeps your bottles in place! Carry your repair with the optional MULTI-STRIKE REPAIR HOLDER Fits most standard saddles DELTA 200 Includes: 1 XLAB Cage Mount 1 XLAB GORILLA CAGE. Material Proprietary composite Mount, Carbon Fiber cage...
XLAB Rocket Pocket XL Plus black


Structured, strap mounted bag for standard stems fits cell phones up to 6 ¾” (171.45mm) diagonally and 6-8 gels. Keep Focused on the Road: Smarter Features for Easy-Access Storage Wide access opening to easily remove and handle cell phone Inside pocket for tablets, cash or sticky used gel wrappers Large,...
XLAB Turbo Wing


Lightweight 2-bottle rear carrier Highly adjustable with 3 carrier positions & 5 different cage angles Carry repair your way! Store a bag at the back, or = 2 CO2 cartridges & an inflator on the SONIC NUT Sturdy carrier won't sway keeping your bottles & repair kit in its place Pair...
XLAB Delta 430, ISM PN3.0/3.1 BLK


Lightest & stiffest adjustable rear carrier designed specifically for ISM PN 3.0 and PN 3.1 saddles Highly adjustable to fine-tune cage angle and cage height for a perfect custom position Stiffest mount on the market with proprietary stainless steel arms GORILLA CAGE has a tight 10 lbs grip (approx) on bottles...
XLab Tri Tool Kit 10-function


10 ToolsEverything needed for essential adjustments. CompatibilityFits all XLAB fasteners, including Torpedo Versa Systems. High QualityDouble chrome, cold forged tools. Lightweight Only 99 grams. Compact size Small to fit into any repair storage gear.
XLab Duo Cage Pod - Silver


DUO POD Keep small items separate for easy access. With a quick twist, the store-all DUO POD opens up two waterproof compartments (600mL and 83mL) each ideally sized for keeping both large and small items neatly organized. Two waterproof compartments to easily sort items by size. No more mixing nutrition with money...
XLab Cage Pod- Mini


Convenient, quiet storage in a cage. Features and Benefits Microfleece BagProtects contents and reduces rattle noise. WaterproofKeeps contents clean and dry. Versatile MountingFits all XLAB cages. Multi-storage Carrier Fits tube, levers, CO2, inflator and multi-tool. Anti-launch Design Matches XLAB cage groove to prevent launching. Technology Extra wide screw cap. Durable high density...
XLAB Gear Box


Stylish, anti-launch finish secures Gear Box in cage Split into two compartments to keep repair necessities tidy Large zipper pull-tab ensures easy, no-fuss access Sound-proof inner padding for a noiseless ride
XLAB Delta Wing 425 Single Rear Hydration System


DELTA 425 Lightest & stiffest adjustable rear carrier with repair storage options Most adjustable single bottle system with both cage height & angle adjustments Sturdy, reliable storage system with stiff stainless steel arms GORILLA CAGE has a tight 10lbs grip (approx) on bottles eliminating unexpected launches. Compatible with ISM Adamo saddles...
Xlab Refilable Cap Replacement


One (1) black split top refillable cap for Torpedo Bottle.

Showing: 1 - 24 of 27

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